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hhs-logoThe Heavenly Harmony Singers is part of ORTV Singapore’s music ministries. This team of talented volunteer singers came together toshare the love of God through music and songs presentations. ORTV is a subsidiary of Overseas Radio & Television Inc, Taiwan. The world-renowned Heavenly Melody Singers (who have been performing internationally since 1963) is a ministry arm of the headquarters, ORTV Inc. This group has been the inspiration and mentor for the singing team in Singapore

Our Mission
The Heavenly Harmony Singers (HHS) was formed to fulfill the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Our mission is to share the gospel through music and mass media to the Chinese-speaking community and to uplift Christians in their spiritual growth.
Our Ministry
Our Lord has given us many opportunities to serve at evangelistic rallies and churches in Singapore, West and East Malaysia, Shanghai and Indonesia. If you are interested in inviting the HHS to participate in your evangelistic projects, please kindly contact us at 62808182 or email to  


The ORTV Praise Band, formed by a team of talented volunteer musicians since 2001, has been faithfully serving the local churches. This music ministry of ORTV Singapore seeks to share the love of God through music and songs arranged in a lively, contemporary style. The band presents songs in both Mandarin and English to meet the requirments of the churches’ outreach programmes.

Our ministry
Besides sharing the gospel through music to the Chinese-speaking community, this band also has the burden to strengthen the Praise & Worship among the local Chinese churches. Our mission is to partner churches in evangelistic musical programmes and to equip music teams in praising and worshipping our Almighty God. The band hopes to reach the youths in local schools and colleges with the love of God.

To find out more on how the ORTV Praise Band can partner you in your evangelistic outreach, please call us at 62808182 or email to

We share the Gospel mainly through the arts (i.e. drama). We also hope that brothers and sisters-in-Christ who have performance experience will step forward to join us. Together, we can present the Gospel through the medium of drama on stage and be a mounthpice for God.

Even as the drama team has been formed, we are still in need of volunteers, particularly as backstage workers. If you have the calling to be involved, be it the area of lighting; sound; costume; make-up and time-keeping or as a props helper; stage manager; director or script writer, we welcome you to work hand-in-hand with us and be a part of us.

Volunteer-roundBesides the performance teams, Supporting team is very important during all practices and outreach, where it be sound engineer, stage assistant, lighting control, powerpoint control and many supporting roles. Currently we have 40 or more active co-workers, most of our co-workers are working, with family and most of them serve in their own church. Inspite of these tight schedule, they are willing to be part of ORTV minsitry because they know the urgency of telling this good news is committed to the commission of Jesus Christ.



In ORTV, we’re like one big family coming together with one goal in mind and that is to serve God to win souls back to God. We’re united as one in prayer. The joy and laughter that we share as a family is beyond description. Come & find out. It will make a difference in your life. Oh yes, and we also have gatherings to build bonds between ORTV staff & volunteers, which is very encouraging. Praise & glory be to God!

Jasmine Kiu

Team coordinator, Bukit Panjang Methodist Church

Chan Phui Peng: My service at ORTV gives me another opportunity to serve God. More importantly, I learn that drama can play a big part in sharing the gospel!

Chan Peng Pheng: The greatest heart-felt feeling is experiencing the ‘One in Love’ spirit in the drama team. After serving for some years, I’ve seen and learnt a lot from everyone’s humility, selflessness, determination during practice and the love shown. It is that ‘love’ that draws and capture me until today…

Phui Peng & Peng Pheng

Drama team, Church of Singapore

It has been 20 years since I first served with the HHS.  What kept me around was my burden to reach out to the Chinese community.  I am happy to be able to use my gift in singing to share the Gospel, and to serve together with a group of people of kindred spirit.e to God!


HHS Singers, Currently pursuing further studies in United States

One main reason for me to volunteer with ORTV is because ORTV is committed to the commission of Jesus Christ.

Richard Wuang

Praise Band Guitarist, New Life Church

Gideon 300

Total reached since 2004

Summoning 300 Warriors

We need you to accompany us in the journey ahead with your financial help. We thank God that currently above number of people have responded and we are still believing in God.  We believe if 300 x 30 (300 people dedicated to support $30 or more per month), ORTV Outreach ministry will be able to continue. (It’s a monthly automatic bank transfer (Giro) dedicated for one year and we will seek your consent to renew for another year on the twelfth month.) You may download the Giro form and mail it to us.

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Become one member in our project gideonite 300, financialy support us to keep ORTV Outreach Ministry going.
Download GIRO form or send a cheque to ORTV OUTREACH LTD. Every twelfth month, donors will be asked if they wish to continue with the monthly support.

To Pray

 Your prayers are important to ORTV Outreach Ministry as for the Bible says "it is not by might.."

To Serve

Join us as a volunteer to serve together in churches and outreach events.

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