Who we are

ORTV is the acronym for Overseas Radio and Television (Singapore). Our headquarter, Overseas Radio and Television Inc, is based in Taipei since 1960 as a multi-media non-profit organisation to reach out to the Chinese community. Two of its famous ministries are a choral group called Heavenly Melody and a English magazine named Studio Classroom. If you would like to find out more, kindly visit ORTV Taiwan’s website at www.ortv.com


ORTV Singapore was established in December 1989 with 4 main ministries: 1)Outreach, 2) Resources, 3) Training and 4) Video/audio Production.

In order to fulfill demanding need for evangelism and to work with churches more effectively to reach out pre-believers, a non-profit organisation ‘ORTV Outreach Ltd’ was registered in June 2011. It is in charge of all our outreach-related activities. Our outreach ministry has 3 groups, namely

1) Heavenly Harmony Singers

2) ORTV Praise Band

3) ORTV Drama Team

In order to fulfill the need for evangelism and to let Church brothers and sisters reach out effectively to pre-believers locally, OutreachLOGOORTV Singapore has set up a non-profit organization named ‘ORTV Outreach Ltd’ in June 2011. This organization’s main duty is to be in charge of all outreach news and activities.

We hope that through this website, you will support and have a better understanding of ORTV’s outreach ministry. Kindly introduce this site to all brothers and sisters-in-Christ so that the body of Christ knows about ORTV and join us in this evangelistic work.





Gideon 300

Total reached since 2004

Summoning 300 Warriors

We need you to accompany us in the journey ahead with your financial help. We thank God that currently above number of people have responded and we are still believing in God.  We believe if 300 x 30 (300 people dedicated to support $30 or more per month), ORTV Outreach ministry will be able to continue. (It’s a monthly automatic bank transfer (Giro) dedicated for one year and we will seek your consent to renew for another year on the twelfth month.) You may download the Giro form and mail it to us.

To Donate

Become one member in our project gideonite 300, financialy support us to keep ORTV Outreach Ministry going.
Download GIRO form or send a cheque to ORTV OUTREACH LTD. Every twelfth month, donors will be asked if they wish to continue with the monthly support.

To Pray

 Your prayers are important to ORTV Outreach Ministry as for the Bible says "it is not by might.."

To Serve

Join us as a volunteer to serve together in churches and outreach events.

Download Volunteer form here

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