What we do

Partnering with churches in evangelism using creative arts and media resources.

Sharing the gospel with the use of performing arts and mass communications are effective ways of evangelism.
Having said so, many churches find it difficult to do such gospel events as it requires a substantial amount of manpower, logistic support and financial resources, especially in the area of programmme preparation. This is where ORTV Singapore comes in.
ORTV’s outreach team can assist in the event’s programme and churches can then forcus on other important work such as prayer … instead. publicity, ushering and follow-up.
To date, ORTV Singapore has partnered churches to organize an average of 30 outreach programmes each year.
You can download Church invitation form Email (info@ortvoutreach.org) or call us 62808182 for more details and further discussions.

Sharing the gospel is every Christian’s commission and ORTV is dedicated to the planning and execution of effective evangelism. Evangelism is not just about preaching the Word but also administering in deeds. Kind and loving gestures serve as a testimony for the Word.
Through caring and serving the people and their community and building a relationship with them,the preparatory work of gospel-sharing is achieved.
ORTV Singapore is most willing and happy to support churches in their community outreach ministry.
Other than co-labouring with churches during special occasions such as Mooncake festival, Christmas etc,we also partner with other Christian organizations in many community projects.
One of our yearly community involvement is called ‘Love Your Neighbour’ event.

Outreach concerts jointly organized by ORTV and major denominational and independant churches.
Major concert like Chinese New Year Concert, It started way back in 1995 and since 1996 it had been plans had gone underway to hold it every two years.
We celebrate our Lunar New Year with friends and relatives by sharing God’s love through dance, singing items, testimonies, skit and a message.
The invited guests are from the U.S., Taiwan, Hongkong as well as local famous actors, singers, dancers and choirs.

ORTV carries the widest range of Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese CDs and audio resources. Please take some time to audioresourcesbrowse through the various sub-categories: Music CD, Instrumental, Christmas and Others. You will definately be able to find one that is suitable for you. We pray that every product that are shared with you will be a blessing and may it also benefit all pre-believers.

Should you be interested to purchase any of the products listed, kindly visit us at ORTV Resource Centre or you can purchase them online

We also have a small recording studio where we could do local audio production, we also provide music arrangement services.

Partnering with churches and other mission agencies we stive to provide high quality gospel event coverage gospel audio/video productions as well as corporate video prodcution

Gideon 300

Total reached since 2004

Summoning 300 Warriors

We need you to accompany us in the journey ahead with your financial help. We thank God that currently above number of people have responded and we are still believing in God.  We believe if 300 x 30 (300 people dedicated to support $30 or more per month), ORTV Outreach ministry will be able to continue. (It’s a monthly automatic bank transfer (Giro) dedicated for one year and we will seek your consent to renew for another year on the twelfth month.) You may download the Giro form and mail it to us.

To Donate

Become one member in our project gideonite 300, financialy support us to keep ORTV Outreach Ministry going.
Download GIRO form or send a cheque to ORTV OUTREACH LTD. Every twelfth month, donors will be asked if they wish to continue with the monthly support.

To Pray

 Your prayers are important to ORTV Outreach Ministry as for the Bible says "it is not by might.."

To Serve

Join us as a volunteer to serve together in churches and outreach events.

Download Volunteer form here

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